Allergy Medicine

Allergy is an abnormal reaction of the body to substances normally harmless. The main caused of Allergy such as pollen, dust, certain foods, drugs, and insect stings. The term allergy is of Greek origin and means "abnormal response". An estimated 35 million people in the United States suffer from various allergies, some of which are mistaken for the common cold.
The symptoms of allergy vary with the causative agent, which is called an allergen and with the part of the body affected. The symptoms, or allergic reactions, may include sneezing, watery eyes, and nasal congestion, as in hay fever and allergic rhinitis, a rash, stomach upset, and itchy swellings on the skin, as in some food or drug allergies.
Common allergens, in addition to those mentioned above include animal fur, feathers, cosmetics, textile dyes, smoke, bacteria, poison ivy and other plants, molds, chemical pollutants in the atmosphere, animal excretions, and blood serum received by transfusion, which may cause serum sickness. Even heat, cold, and light may cause allergy in susceptible gestion, or contact with the skin.
Many methods have been developed as allergy medicine for various allergies that occur, but the most famous is the allergy medicine, using mixture of juice of vegetables or fruit.
For more information about allergy medicine juice, then there are 4 types of juice can heal people with allergies. Among the four juice that can cure allergies are:
Alfalfa Juice
Celery Juice
Parsley Juice
Pumpkin Juice