Pumpkin Juice

"improving health with vitamin A"

Pumpkin Plant Description
Pumpkin have leaves that are tough, rugged, large, and scattered leaves. The flowers are always a big orange flowers and pointy-shaped and yellow leaves. Pumpkin is native plant of Central and South America such as Connecticut pumpkin used as a Halloween lantern, Sugar pumpkin with a golden yellow stripes that stand out weighing 4-5 pounds and is made suitable for cakes and juices. 

Pumpkin Plant Nutritional
One pound of canned pumpkin puree contains 113 mg of calcium, 118 mg phosphorus, 1.8 mg iron, 9 mg of potassium, 29.030 IU Vitamin A, 2.7 mg niacin, 23 mg vitamin C and 66 mg of magnesium.

Pumpkin Plant Medical Benefits
Vitamin A deficiency. Pumpkin juice contains abundant vitamin A. In some cases of allergies, skin problems, eye problems, unbalanced blood sugar levels, infection, swelling, impaired lung function, cholesterol, and liver damage, pumpkin juice can be drunk every day. If it seems bitter, add carrot juice or a mixture of chlorophyll juice.

Pumpkin Juice
Before we making juice, pumpkin seeds should be peeled and discarded as well. Must use a blender with powerful enough to squash hard raw materials of pumpkin, it is advisable to drink pumpkin juice when mixed with carrot juice and encouraged to drink more than two glasses a day.