Bee Sting For Treatment

If you feel the bee sting, the skin is red, swollen, hot and painful, causing inflammation in the area of bite. In fact, it has the advantage of bee stings to cure the disease. Approximately 80 kinds of diseases in humans can be cured with bee stings. Rheumatic diseases, headaches, and whiplash can be cure by bee stings. In principle, treatment with bee stings is to facilitate the path of blood circulation (facilitate the metabolic processes).
It is estimated that 1 gram of bee venom obtained from 100,000 stings. So if a person is given 1 mg of bee venom means you have 100 bee stings, but according to several studies for the treatment takes only 5-10 stings only, so if patients were given 200-300 successive shocks will lead poisoning may even cause death.
Treatment with bee stings should be extra careful and cautious. According to the experts who pursue treatment with bee stings in humans the disease can be cured quickly above method of treatment if done correctly and appropriately, especially in point of shock determine, the number of doses, and timing. For patients who have a habit of allergies, treatment with bee stings should be avoided because people who have allergies are usually level imunoglobin type (lgE) of excess E in the body while the bee stings will only increase innate levels of allergen lgE.
Examination requirements are as follows :

what is perceived patient complaints ?
whether the patient ever been stung before ?
whether the patient is resistant to bee stings ?
treatment is performed not on an empty stomach
the patient must follow the rules given

Treatments with a sting Bee

In place of the sick patients would receive sting, after 4-5 days the patient received two sting, 4-5 the next day the patient received three times the sting and so on up to 6 times gradually. If the patients condition has improved by only 2 or 3 times a sting, the treatment can be stopped.
Treatment is usually given not more than 10 times the sting must be implemented in the appropriate place.