Celery Juice

Celery Plant Description
Celery planted to take the leaves and thick stems and edible, and has a smell like peanuts. Celery has green color and slightly bitter taste but celery is becoming more popular every year to become a favorite snack in the restaurant salads and snacks in the party. Most of the varieties developed during the 15th century in the southern part of Europe, the celery used as medicine and for flavouring purposes European herbal medicine. Celery variation is classified into two types of yellow and green celery.

Celery Plant Nutritional
One stalk of celery contains nutrients: 16 mg calcium, 11 mg phosphorus, 0.1 mg of iron, 50 mg iodine, 136 mg potassium, 110 IU of vitamin A, a bit of vitamin B complex and 4 mg of vitamin C. Other nutritional analysis shows that celery has a considerable amount of magnesium in the range of 27-32 mg per celery stick.

Celery Plant Medical Benefits
Celery can be used as a cure of disease such as :
- Allergy
- Septicemia (Blood Poisoning)
- Hyperactive (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Celery Juice
Celery juice will taste better if mixed with carrot juice, how to make :
Wash (but do not peel) four medium carrots. Separate and clean the two sticks of celery with water. Wash one small peeled cucumber with soap and water, then rinse. Next, wash a bunch of small bit of Swiss. Make juice separately each of the materials and put it into a different cup. Then mix all ingredients together in a blender for one minute. This mixture produced two cups of juice.