Parsley Juice

"Eliminate Allergic Disorders"

Parlsey Plant Description
Parsley is a plant that grows once in two years. In the first year producef curly smooth leaf and has a high value because of the taste and unique aroma. The leaves have a character that can neutralize the spicy garlic flavor. In the second year of parsley seeds produce white flowers in large numbers.
There are several varieties and strains of parsley. Plain-leaved types that are not the same thing in common, i.e. parsley the plant leaves. Celery-leaved types  that cannot be grown in America. Fein-leaved types types that sometimes can grow and turnip-rooted species that grow in the big cities park.

Parsley Plant Nutritional
Ten stalks of parsley contains: 20 mg calcium, 6 mg phosphorus, 0.6 mg iron, 5 mg sodium, 73 mg potassium, 850 IU of vitamin A, 17 mg vitamin C, and 11 mg of magnesium.

Parsley Plant Medical Benefits
Parsley can be used as a cure of disease such as :
- Cellulitis (inflammatory cells or connective tissue that can cause 
  inflammation of the scalp).
- Mercury poisoning
- Allergy

Parsley Juice
wash a bunch of parsley, then soak in a large bowl and wash by hand. Parsley will fall into the bowl, then squeeze it. Must be careful in entering the parsley into the blender because of the high nutrient content. Nutritional content will not be lost if doing it with caution.