Exhibition Features

In Memorial Of Alit Sembodo

During his lifetime, Alit Sembodo was widely acclaimed as a highly talented painter who employed narrative images, texts and comics in order to create paintings with simple colour selections which were nevertheless highly expressive, figurative and powerful. His paintings are also considered to contain deep philosophical  meanings, and every scratch that he committed to canvas accurately and comprehensively conveys a particular time and situation, complete with his characteristically funny words. The limited number of his works that have been available since his early death at the age 30, couple with high demand, has caused the price of Alit's art to soar, with some pieces going for billions of rupiahs.

Poison #1

This collective exhibition features a variety of style, techniques, mediums and object from various different school of art. Various artists such as PinkGirlGoWild, Emte, Monica Hapsari, Ika Vantiani, Motulz and Jimi Multhazamp attempt to "poison" the viewers through their works, so as to encourage people to become more daring and assertive as well as more appreciative and expressive. The main idea behind the works is that such as cultural "poison" can ultimately be beneficial and can disrupt complacency and stimulate new ideologies, principles and mindsets.

Floating World

Irfan WInoto Dechan is known as a talented up and coming young artist and his latest exhibition, which is titled "In the floating world", he combines several element from these different cultures, namely Japanese and Greek, and tries to present a comparative perspective in which different elements are united in works of art that create new identities.