Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

August 2011, in which Muslims around the world carry The fast, one of the obligations of Islam that must be obeyed. Every morning I always pay attention to the various people with all their activities, such as trade, school work, etc.
Living in a big city is a dream of some people to improve their economy, but on the other side of humanity has begun to fade. Frenetic big cities are always in the deifying heaven for us, but behind it all there are important values ​​that must be maintained.
It is the care of others that have become the final sequence in the dictionary of our ego. I often feel that life would be better if the mutual caring for each other, there are a lot of things where gave us an important lesson that our personality for a better future, of course, to reflect on the experience of others.
Many sources say that humanity should still be encouraged in many respects, but the implementation of the appropriate and what kind the system implemented at the moment. In my blog, I will try to seek with all aspects related to our concern for a companion of the smallest thing that I have said here.

Bandung, the city where I live now, cool, beautiful and provide comfort for its citizens, I like this town, since birth I have never moved and settled in other cities. Hopefully this city will always be a beautiful city that I always admire.
As citizens of the city of Bandung, which has many unique and diversity in different aspects and art, and the passage of time, we can be grateful and obliged to always keep the city of Bandung to remain a convenient place to be occupied by our children and grandchildren.
The most terrible thing when it started growing the ignorance among the citizens of Bandung, the beautiful city will turn into the most horrible way to live in, I hope that we can avoid that sort of thing happen.
Everything can be started with appreciate each other while maintaining all the values of humanity, that is in us. There are still many things we can do, for example, not to throw rubbish on the ground, not wrote Graffiti Wall, damaged public facilities, and so on.

If you don't know, Bandung, please come to our city, a lot of warmth and love that grows in your heart. Thanks for reading and imagine the beauty of our city.