Second Skin

Altje Ully Pandjaitan is not an academic feminist activist within a long-term, intimate understanding of the literature. Instead, she first came to terms with issues of gender via a rather natural process, as the wife of a celebrate curator and art critic. Nonetheless, her curiosity has taken her down a path from which she cunningly explores issues of feminism as a female sculptor. Now, after many years, Altje Ully Pandjaitan is back with a new solo exhibition that deviates from her usual norm. The doll sculptures are still there, but this time they are clad in tight pants, tops, high jackboots and trendy low-heels. In marked contrast with her previous works, which often depicted naked female bodies. Through this new work, Altje Ully Pandjaitan seems to want to convey a sense of how woman will almost be judged by the clothes that they were.