Kerak Telor

Kerak telor is made of sticky rice, egg, coconut, dried shrimps, small chili pepper and spices like onion, garlic, candlenut, laurellike leaf, lime leaf, lemongrass, pepper, salt and palm sugar. Its cooking process is long enough. Sticky rice is soaked overnight. Coconut is shredded, seasoned and fried without oil. Onion is sliced and fried. After that, with pail, sticky rice is dried in a wok. Then, coconut, dried shrimps, fried onion and egg are added to the wok. When the new mix is done and formed a crust, the wok is reversed until kerak telor became brown. This delicious food can served up in two ways. 
First, it is laid on a paper and stuffed with a spoon of spicy dry-fried shredded coconut, dried shrimps and fried onion, then folded. Another way, just lay it on a plate as we serve up on omelette. And its shape, actually resembles omelette which is stuffed with sticky rice. Whatever you do to serve It up, it's more delicious to eat kerak telor while hot. And if you like, add small chilli pepper slices. 

Well, if you are really found of a unique food, please come by the Jakarta Fair. Find one of tens of kerak telor "angkrings" (a long carrying pole with hampers on either end) and ask the man who is called 'bang' or 'abang' because he is usually the native of Betawi. Are they all natives ? No. they aren't. Many of these seasonal vendors are Sundanese from Garut, West Java. But it's okay. It means more people conserve this scarce food, doesn't it? And as the result, we hope, still we can enjoy a delicious and salty taste of kerak telor, whenever we want. But, who can predict its destiny under the 'floods' of import fast food?