Chile Peppers Juice

"Burn Fat and Reduce Pain"

Chile Peppers Description
There are five types of chili Peppers :

Bell Pepper (green and red)This chili isn't hot and has a sweet taste. Besides having a thick and fleshy pods. The first bright green and medium-sized, is shaped like a cube, but around the edges, and sometimes thin tapering from wide edge. Measuring four to five inches long and three to four inches in diameter. Type of chile is often used as a salad and a casserole. Other types are of red chili, usually in the form of green chile, measuring four to five inches long and three inches to four in diameter. This type of taste sweeter than the green chile, the properties of the fruit is similar to a ripe tomato. This type is preferable if salad, a dish of stewed or mixed with pasta. 

Habanero. Chili came from Havana and dark green when ripe. Shaped like a lantern with length two inches, with a quarter-inch diameter. Adult Habanero hot over 30 to 50 times of the jalapeno.

Jalapeño (green and red)Chili was named by the city in the state of Mexico, Jalapa. Light green to dark green when mature, small round and elongated, measuring 2-3 inches, with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm. Thin fleshy and have a sense of green vegetables. Perhaps the spicy chili most widely known and consumed in America, even the first chili carried into space in 1982. Ripe red Jalapeño and sweeter than green Jalapeñoalthough both seem to be spicy, on a scale of 5.5.

PimentoThis red chili, heart-shaped, elongated and small diameter of about 4 inches to 3 inches. Thin-fleshed, sweet, flavorful, and varied from moderate to slightly spicy. Commonly used in powder form called peppers, and imported from Hungary.

TabascoThis is the last type of chilli, pink grapefruit, measuring 1 to 1.5 inches, 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Thin fleshy and has a slightly spicy and sharp. Suitable mixed with some banana and a little celery and green onions. Commonly used in Mcllhenny Tabasco peppers.

Chile Peppers Nutritional
- Bell Pepper contains 15 mg calcium, 36 mg phosphorus, 1.2 mg iron, 21 mg 
                  sodium, 349 mg potassium, 690 IU of vitamin A, 210 mg vitamin 
                  C, 104 mg magnesium.
- Habanero and Jalapeno contains Vitamin A, C and bioflavonoid.
- Pimento contains 8 mg of calcium, 19 mg of phosphorus, 1.7 mg of iron, 
                  2,6000 IU of vitamin A, 107 mg of vitamin C, vitamins B, vitamin 
                  E and magnesium.

Chile Peppers Medical Benefits
- Overweight
- Aids (Chilli production increase killer t-cells, interlaukin-2, and another strong 
  immune protection, which destroys the AIDS virus).
Sprayers as self-protection from criminals or wild animals.
- Blood clots in the veins (Capsaicin in chili spicy prevent blood cells from 

Chile Peppers Juice
Wash peppers Bell type by hand or washing liquid soap and rinse with cold water. Cut peppers in half. One Bell peppers including seeds yield a half cup of juice. For variety, try blended with spices of cloves and a little Tabasco sauce. If you need to be mixed with carrot or tomato juice. Better when put in the refrigerator first.