Orchid Treatment

Orchids have long been used as traditional herbal medicine with the kingdom in the past. Like China, Japan, India, Egypt and Turkey, including Indonesia. On the continent of Asia, the people of China, Japan, India and Indonesia use medicinal plants for health needs. Approximately 7300 plant species have been used by the public for orchid treatment as Chinese herbal medicine. This makes China the leading country in the utilization of medicinal plants. As one of the world's oldest source of medicine, particularly herbal medicines, orchid plants have been widely used by Chinese people long ago. Plants from several families Ochidaceae this genus by the Chinese people have been used as medicinal plants, among others, Dendrobium, Malaxis, Gastrodia, Bletilla and Anoectochillus.
Several species of this genus have been described above even in the materia medica, written at the time of Emperor Shen-nung-28 century BC. Traditional medicinal products derived from Dendrobium even have long traded in china specially for orchid treatment.
In china, dendrobium used as an herbal medicine is very big. Dendrobium orchids potential as a drug because it produces a variety of important metabolites, some of which are alkaloids. The main alkaloids and most often found on dendrobium is dendrobine. Orchids are also well known in the Arab region and especially in Egypt, Turkey and some parts of the kingdom, particularly Mecca, Jeddah, is known to have high nutritional value. The Orchid treatment commonly used type of ground orchid (orchis mascula). In Cairo, known by the name Sahlab, which has shaped and colored white powder, when taken a bit and feels like flour or tapioca starch, many people believe that Sahlab useful as a sexual stimulant, is usually consumed in the sweet taste by adding sugar or honey. 
In Indonesia has a wealth of very large plants. Wealth of orchid species that exist in Indonesia one of the largest in the world, far beyond China. Species such as Dendrobium, Malaxis, and even found Vanilla which is good for orchid treatment. Habits of indigenous peoples and tribes in Indonesia who have long used plants as medicine.
Orchids are not only functions as an ornamental plant, but can be used for various types of treatment.
Several ways of orchid treatment
- Brain cancer (Take the flowers, stems, leaves and roots of orchids pigeons. 
  Then rinse thoroughly and then mash finely. After that mix with 100 cc of boiled water. 
  Squeeze and strain, and drink once a day).
- Hacking Cough (Take the orchid stem nodules (pholidota chinesis Lindi) as much 
  as 50 grams of finely ground and squeezed water, filtered, and drink as well. 
  Perform treatment 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening after meals).
- Rheumatic (Take all parts of orchid tubers as much as 60 grams and then washed and 
  boiled in 400 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. Results stew after a cold, filtered and 
  drink as well. Treatment carried out 2 times a day morning and afternoon).
- Respiratory Illness (Treatment of respiratory disease is a type of orchid that used 
  ground orchid (Bletilla striata) of the family Orchidaceae. 
  The flowers are long-stemmed pink to purple. 
  Orchid boiled and added powdered orchid bulbs and drink).
Uterus Bleeding (Take one teaspoon of powdered orchid bulbs, then mixed with a glass of 
  cold water and put on the fire, stir then add the sugar. After boiling, remove and let cool drinks.
- Children Growing (Take the orchid to eat flour sugar, milk and honey as food for the kids or 
   extra milk to drink).


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