Kepulauan Seribu National Park

This national park was established in 1982 as the first marine national park in Indonesia. This area is a series of islands consisting of more than 100 coral islands that stretches 80 km north of Jakarta Bay. The islands and coral reef is home to a large number of species of fish and mollusks and the northern part of the the archipelago is an area where sea turtles lay their eggs. The islands are also home to hundreds of people living as fishermen or those whose jobs relate to marine resources. Recently, some residents also worked at the resort, which is located in these areas. But they still low income of the local population and health problems, as well as clean water which continues to affect the quality of life of local communities.
With a relatively large population and increasing use of some islands to serve as a tourist resort, has brought this region into one of the first areas to implement systems for the utilization of appropriate zoning.
Zoning will create several different utilization's :
- core preservation zone that should not be disturbed at all.
- protection zone which allows limited usage.
intensive use areas and buffer zones, allow the existence of economic activities, 
  including tourism & fisheries.
Because it is quite close to Jakarta then the problem of loading and unloading ships, garbage disposal, various forms of pollution, large-scale fishing, reef explosion, dredging sludge and improper land use, continue to threaten the existence of the region as a place of preservation. To anticipate this, then pursued several training national park staff, development and deployment of the navigation code for divers and visitors to national parks, monitoring of coral reefs and sea turtles nest and also prepare an integrated management plan of assistance to the Jakarta Bay. Have also made efforts to seek alternative sources of income for local fishermen engaged in fishing practices using cyanide poisoning and explosion rocks to meet the demand for aquarium decoration.
Roads that can be passed in order to enter the National Park is through the Marina Ancol beach, located in the northern part of Jakarta. Information center located on the Pramuka Island taken within an hour away by motorboat. From the central islands of the core conservation zone can be visited by charter boats or vessels owned by the national park. Some of the island with a resort can be reached by plane from the local airport in Jakarta. I hope you and your family can visit and admire the sights of Kepulauan Seribu National Park.