Compost is the result of a process of organic materials with the help of bacteria. Compost is not only the elements of N, P, K is so different from synthetic fertilizers. Compost contains many micro-nutrients Fe, S, Ca, Ng. This element is not present in artificial fertilizers in general. The main function of the compost is to improve the structure and improve soil quality. 
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This is steps to make compost :
- collect organic waste (waste from kitchens, gardens, livestock and Septi tanks).
- choose organic and inorganic materials.
- cut into small pieces for large material.
- mixing wet and dry organic materials.
- put it in the boxes or packed in the stack height up to 1 metre before 
  this material included should preferably cover the lower part with 
  branch, so that the air circulation more smoothly and avoid water 
- control the temperature of the water content, scent, dampness and 
- remove from the box, while temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius, 
  when using the stack must be changed every two weeks.
- put into another box to maturation over the past two weeks.
- filtering first, before use it, so the rough can be used again, hole sieve 
   between 5-25 mm.
- It has been able to use compost.

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