Basic Transportation

Becak oh becak...

Shuttle's truly amazing, made with a very simple, requiring only enough energy, easy to run but need a strong and patience for the drivers.
Becak, that's the name of transportation in Indonesia that has been known and very popular.
Besides, becaks were one of the most convenient forms of short-hop transportation ever devised. From the market to your door step without having your arms pulled out their sockets by heavy shopping bags. It is also true to say that becaks contributed to traffic congestion by blocking up junction of backroads and mainroads alike, but it was the convenience of becaks that made them popular in the community. Besides that, who else knew more about local street names and locations than becak drivers ? And quite often could tell you who lived in which house.

Similar transport like becak, in other countries, such as in Japan, China and other Asian countries. It only takes a more adequate facilities for the becak's presence does not interfere with traffic. We hope that the becak will always be a unique transportation that still exist among us, as one of its customers.