Car Free Day !!

You have probably suffered traffic jams and similar things and become dislocated and demanded patience for us as a drivers. But sometimes we used to imagine, can the roads suddenly emptied from cars or motorcycles?
The answer : YES, it can !!!
Try to start promoting "car free day" in which the ban on vehicles entering some streets in your town.
The first car free day in the Netherlands and Belgium because of the Suez-Crisis. Every Sunday from November 25 to January 20, 1957, were car free (Wikipedia).
World organization WWF recommends that every major city in the world can held "car free day" in addition to increasing public awareness for sport and reduce the level of air pollution.
 The poster campaign from WWF that have been designed to promote European Car Free Day in September, 22 2009 for the European Mobility Week.

The good points of those print is that simple but powerful visual. They created a luxury chrome Panda on the front mudguard, like the ones for sumptuousness cars as Jaguar or Rolls Royce. They succeeded to promote bikes and transform them in a mode of transport that can be forgot or disavow.