Pineapple Efficacy

Pineapple fruit has a golden yellow color and has a efficacy for our bodies. What it is ? following information.
Pineapple tree can thrive in a tropical climate like in Indonesia with a relatively short harvest period, which ranges from 2 to 3 times a year. That is the main reason why a lot of pineapple tree plantations in ​​Indonesia region, and the affordable price of pineapple fruit for Indonesia's population. Pineapple fruit is not from Indonesia but from Latin American countries like Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. One of the pineapple efficacy is useful for beauty and health, but the skin of the pineapple fruit is useful for cleaning marble. Pineapple fruit also contains phitochemical which is good for health. Phitochemical is substance, not the nutrients found in plants that have useful biological activity for out body, as an antioxidant. In addition, pineapple fruit contains the enzyme bromelain which can also change the protein in milk, meat and gelatin makes food ingredients into wet.
The Other pineapple efficicacy of pineapple fruit acids will not harmful to people with ulcers. Photchemicalnya womb can lower a high pH to be able to control stomach acid. To improve the usability of the pineapple fruit is better taken as a whole. Pineapple fruit is usually consumed to a mixture of fruit and iced fruit soup. But keep in mind pineapple fruit can be processed into typical Indonesian food such as: dodol and keripik. In order for pineapple fruit can be used optimally, recognizing the quality of pineapple fruit including pineapple choose ripe fruit, do not be damaged or brown color, and contain high water content.