Fruit and Vegetable Skin For Medicine

Skin of fruits or vegetables are not as fruits itself. The skin of fruits or vegetables may taste bitter, acidic, or in bad taste, people tend to throw it away. In fact, in the skin of fruits and vegetables contains nutrients that can fight cancer, increase energy, and so on.

Kiwi Fruit
Haired skin of the kiwi fruit contains high antioxidants that act as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antialergen. Skin of Kiwi fruit contains three times more antioxidants than flesh. So that the skin can fight bacteria such as Staphylococus and e-coli caused food poisoning. Skin of Kiwi fruit  which is not too sour is gold type that taste more sweet than the other. The Skin of gold Kiwi fruit not too hairy, but it provides the same benefits. If you make a Kiwi juice don't peeled its skin.
Banana Fruit
Researchers in Taiwan found that banana peel extract can remove the depression because it contains serotonin, a chemical that balances the mood. Banana peel is also good for the eyes because it contains lutein, an antioxidant that protects cells from the eye from ultaviolet rays that causes cataract.
How to eat this banana peel ? 
Banana peel boiled for 10 minutes, then drink boiling water that has been cold, or make as juice.
According to researchers from Japan, garlic skin contains six different antioxidant compounds. Peeling garlic can remove the phenylpropanoid antioxidants that help fight the aging process and protects the heart. How to eat it is to pour over olive oil 1 garlic clove and then save over the tray along with grilled chicken or vegetables.
Citrus Fruit
Orange peel and tangerine have the kind of powerful antioxidants called superflavonoids, which can reduce levels of bad cholesterol significantly, without lowering good cholesterol. Antioxidants derived from the skin of citrus fruit has 20 times more powerful than that obtained from the juice. Citrus fruits, white marrow contains a high pectin, which is a component of dietary fiber known to lower cholesterol and fight with the good bacteria.
How to eat it : Add grated citrus fruit peel into the cauliflower, cheese or cakes and muffins. Or, put the whole peeled citrus fruit into juice so you get all the benefits.
Most people know that the potato skin is healthy, but no one knows why. The skin is a source of nutrients from the potatoes. Handful of potato skins provide half the daily intake of soluble fiber, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and c vitamin. Every pound of potatoes contain more vitamin C than oranges, so it is good for anyone who wants to prevent the flu. 
How to eat : baked potato skins, boiled and mashed with the skin gets mashed potatoes or cut into wedges, dip it in a small amount of olive oil, then baked potato slices.
Kaffir Lime
Kaffir lime skin to relieve pain rather than just a cold, cough, or for shampoo. Through this research, the benefits of this plant is more powerful herb, which can be used to enhance immunity. It can even be an antioxidant that helps stabilize the immune system for patients with cancer. Kaffir Lime skin even potentially become a substitute drug doxorubicin or guardian of the immune system for cancer patients after surgery or cancer chemotherapy.
How to make the drug from the skin is quite simple, peel the Kaffir lime , take the skin off, washed as needed and then heated in an oven until dry. The dry Kaffir lime skin grown into a fine powder. Powder stored in a cup and mixed with ethanol as a solvent.


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