Gunung Halimun National Park

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Gunung Halimun, located in West Java, covers three regencies, namely Lebak, Sukabumi and Bogor. The Area was first gazetted as a nature reserve under the decree of the Minister of Forestry No. 40/KPTS/Um/1/1979 covering an area 41.710 ha and then converted as a National Park in Februari 1992.
Located 1500 m above sea level with 5 mountains and several types of vegetation, this area is one of the best and largest remaining forest are on the island of Java. 
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This area has a high biodiversity value, in terms of its flora and fauna. According to the Biological Science Club's Report (BScC, 1992), the Gunung Halimun National Park has about 1000 species of plants, including several species of rare orchids. It also has 130 species of birds, 12 species of which are endemic on Java, such as Javanese eagle (Spezialatus Bartlesi), Wild pheasant (Lophura Javanica), Psatria axilis, Groeias al-bonotus and Garrulax rufirons. Among other animals listed are 11 species of squirrel, 6 species of civet, 7 species of cave bat, 7 species of otter, and 4 species of primate, i.e Hylobates moloch, Presbytis comata, Presbytis aygulu and Macaca fascicularis. 
Local communities around the Gunung Halimun National Park are dependent on the forest resources for housing materials, tools, handicraft, and traditional ceremonies. This has led to a complicated situation. At the same time, the area also faces a serious threat of denudation caused by gold mining exploration and exploitation carried out by PT. Aneka Tambang.
Based on the results of the BScC's research, investigation and recomendation, in February 1992 the nature reserve status of the Gunung Halimun was finally converted to National Park. (Navy Panekenan)