Losari Coffee Plantation

Everything changes when you step across the threshold of clubhouse at Losari Spa Retreat and Coffee Plantation. The bright, white mountain light gives way to cool grey and brown shadows. The buzz of jungle crickets and the electric hum of the hillsides are ostracized by building's stolid, colonial walls. Even the humidity seems to hover at the clubhouse's doorway, as if scared to enter a coolness that has taken nearly 200 years to manifest itself fully and now stands sentinel against even the hottest, muggiest February day. The clubhouse, one of just two remaining buildings that once formed part of this original Dutch colonial estate, is not just adept at keeping the Javanese elements at bay. Standing inside its four walls, one gets the overwhelming feeling that the passing of time has also been refused entry at the doorway. Time doesn't have ticket. Time doesn't meet the requisite dress code. Time is not welcome here.The resort's reception area, housed in a salvaged and rebuilt historic wooden train station that once sheltered passengers in nearby Jepara, promises of Losari's advertisements might just live up to their word. Losari Coffee Plantation gives the impression of being surrounded on all sides by mountains. That's because its surrounded on all sides by mountains. At the resort's elevation, the mountain air is cool, though hardly crisp, and the sun seemed more willing to poke its face through the clouds to bask upon the mountains that it had back at sea level in Yogyakarta. Java Red, the resort's impeccable premier restaurant overlooking yet more mountains (four are visible from the deck, including an eversmoking Merapi) and listening to the drip of the dew in the trees and the calls of the wildlife all around. The impressive breakfast list tempted with a variety of treats : truffle and mushroom omelet, freshly baked French pastries, and even traditional New York bagel and lox (that's smoked salmon for non-residents of the Big Apple). And of course there was the freshly roasted coffee deep, robust and meaningful. After soaking up the sun for a couple of hours in the resort's wonderful infinity pool, which seemed to be intent on pouring itself right into the jungle. the tour of Losari Coffee Plantation Area.Losari Coffee Plantation, by its management's unabashed admission, a resort that also grows coffee as opposed to a coffee plantation that also houses guests. But there's nothing amateurish about the way the plantation's staff treats the 22 acres of Robusta, Arabica, and local coffee bushels or the way they dry, roast and brew their coffee.The smells, the sights and sounds of the beautiful little plantation was very delighted, and we can tried grinding some coffee beans with the help of tour guide.