Canoeing (Part 2)

How to paddle canoe

In a canoe, there are two places to paddle, ie on the bow (front) and stern (rear). Control the direction of the canoe paddle back, determine the speed and provide instructions on the front rowers. Kano experienced riders who generally occupy the rear, while beginners sat in the front. If you paddle on the right side, to keep the oar slack in the Palm of the left hand and keep the trunk right hand. Enter the eyes in the water before you depart with his right hand, raise your paddle leaves water, go ahead and repeat the movement. Then change the position of hands, if you want to paddle on the left.

Canoes capsized, although the water-filled, is a good and a raft of buoy not drown. Canoe may quant despite being in the bottom surface of the water.

Bow paddle is a simple motion of oars to enter the eye orientation and pull it straight back without touching the canoes. The body is kept always upright

Aft paddle is very useful for adjusting the direction when the front rower's powerful beyond the power of the back rower.

Paddle front steering  is simple movements to bend the bow to the left or right.

The swing of a quarter of canoe with sharp bend and fixed quickly. The paddle left and right is driven with a bow that widens and not too deep in the water.

Paddle steering at the back really pull off the movement. At the end of the regular release, hold paddles in a diagonal position.

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