Unique Exhibition

Indonesian Icons

More than 40 H.Ross Weber paintings, featuring iconic Indonesian subject such as Wayang puppets and Balinese masks, could be found on display in the lobby area of the Four Seasons Hotels in Jakarta last month. Weber, a painter from New Jersey in the United States, interprets both of these highly charged items as artistic and cultural symbols. In many ways, his paintings can be seen as portrait of characters from the ancient Indian epics. Ramayana and the Mahabharata, from which these symbols originally derived. This entire series of paintings was painted over an eight-month period and Weber chose Semar, the most beloved of puppets as his man subject matter. 

E(art)H Project : Sin City

Environmental Issues are becoming increasingly complex and the Indonesian arts community attempted to reflect a growing environmental awareness through an exhibition titled  "sin city", a project that aimed to examine "art and the environment" from the position outside the traditional hierarchies and formalities of the art world. 
"Sin city" offer a collectivist, open-ended interpretation of a society in which "everyone" becomes responsible for the "sin" of garbage. The artist who participated in the exhibition included. Tisna Sanjaya, Heri Dono, Ismanto Wahyudi and Jumaadi.

Survey #2.10

This exhibition wes organised for the second year running by Edwin's Gallery at Jakarta Art District in April 2011. The exhibition aimed to reflect young, talented Indonesian artist, and approximately six dozen works by 36 selected artist were on display. "Survey #2.10" aimed to offer an insight into the most attractive and prominent art trends Indonesia art over the two years. The exhibition works aimed to examine universal human problems and proved that Indonesian contemporary arts is increasingly moving away from singular, linear trends.

Photo-realistic Painting

Ninety photo-realistic paintings by Chusin Setiadikara were displayed at the National Gallery in late March 2011 and featured children as their primary subject matter, whose emotions Chusin attempts to capture. Chusin's art highlight such as childhood traits as curiosity, cheerfulness, indifference and shyness. In addition, painting with Balinese theme were also on display, as Chusin is also interested in urban life in Bali and Balinese women, as well as the busting Kintamani Market, which he depicts perfectly.