Danau Toba | Puncak Jaya

Indonesia is an archipelagic country, beautiful landmarks, which include seven miracle of Indonesia, namely :

Indonesia has never rocked the world through three volcanic eruption, Toba, Tambora and Krakatau. Dust blocking the sun light makes the day at night. From three mountains toba only almost completely disappeared and no longer shaped mountain, but Toba did not go without a legacy. A universal largest volcanic lake that now fills the land that Toba left behind, with length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, Lake Toba is the mainstay attractions of North Sumatra, as well as the most famous lakes in Indonesia. Travelling by the boat in Toba Lake and watch the Batak tribal community life is the most popular attractions in the region.

Jayawijaya Mountains stretching from West Papua to Papua New Guinea with the highest peak in the range of Sudirman and called Puncak Jaya (4884 m above sea level). The world called Carstensz Pyramid, named after a Dutch adventurer, John Carstenz who first saw the snowy peaks at the equator. The news was reported in Europe in 1623, but no one believes. Another attraction of Puncak Jaya is the eternal snow-covered Crown. However, due to global warming, ice began to diminish, if humans do not stop the destruction of the Earth, isn't possible snow in Puncak Jaya is going to stop being a story that only we can say to our children and grandchildren.