Beach Vacation

Beach is a favorite place for most people for vacation, but many of them don't realize that the beach is easily contaminated. So be careful to preserve the beauty and cleanliness. A lot of little things we can do and give meaning to the maintenance of the coastal environment, for example:

When we vacation to the beach, take the time to clean up some of the coast, 
  take a plastic garbage, beverage cans and paper and then input it into the trash.

Remember that the beach is very easily contaminated, so be careful keeping it clean 
  and comfortable for the beach vacation.

Take our rubbish home when we are on beach vacation, if there is no adequate trash can on  
   the field. Around the world, about two million birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each  
   year from head trapped or injured by carelessly discarded rubbish on the coast area.

For lovers of sport fishing - make sure all the equipment that we brought home. Hook fishing 
  weights, cables and networks can be equally harmful to humans and other animals. 
  In other words, don't throw away the remnants of appliances and other garbage at sea and 
  on the shore. We certainly know that these materials pollute and kill sea birds, 
  marine animals, turtles and fish.

Keep the vehicle from a pile of sand - vegetation growing on it is very easily damaged 
  and very slow growth.

water skiing, scuba diving and power-boating can cause damage to electrical interference 
  and even marine life, such as birds and whales and dolphins.

When we diving, enjoy and admire the beauty of the underwater world, but let the coral reefs 
  in their natural habitat, which is under water. Damage to coral reefs will damage the ecosystem 
  due to the disruption of natural cycles in ocean life.

That's a few tips to increase knowledge about a beach vacation.