Soil Bacteria help killing Cancer

In modern society, cancer is the disease most feared by the majority of people throughout the world, supplanting the "while death" or tuberculosis, of the last century. In the mid 1980s nearly 6 million new cancer cases and more than 4 milion deaths from cancer were being reported wold wide each year. The most common fatal form was stomach cancer (prevalent in Asia), but lung cancer was rising rapidly because of the spread of cigarettes smoking in developing countries. Also the increase was the third-greatest killer, breach cancer, particulary in China and Japan. The fourth on the list was colon or rectum cancer, a disease that mainly strikes the elderly.

Soil bacteria hold promise as a cure for cancer and tumors. Clostridium Sporognenes of bacteria spores can grow in an environment without oxygen, but only in solid tumors, such as breast, brain, and prostate. Researchers from the University of Nottingham, UK and University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, do genetic engineering to insert the enzyme into the soil bacteria to activate the cancer drug. Tests in animals, cancer drugs injected into the bloodstream and becomes active only when triggered by the enzyme. Professor Nigel Minton, who led the study says, C Sporogenes older types of bacteria on earth. Bacteria can grow in low oxygen conditions. "When the Clostridia spores enter the body of cancer patients, they will grow in low oxygen environments, which is the core of the tumor."