Repairs Decorative Box

Ornate Velvet Box of Nails

Cigar box is a very good raw material to make a stunning decorative box. To make this box, you need a cardboard cigar box, 50 cm velvet  with the color of your choice, glue, paint brushes, scissors, nail fungus and a hammer. Follow these steps :
Measure and cut cloth material large enough to cover bottom and sides of the box, 
  add 3 inches to fold and close the open three edges of the box.
- Mixed the glue with a quarter of water. Apply glue to the outer layer and four-sided box with 
  a paint brush. Let the glue to dry and become sticky. Place the cloth material in the centre 
  pedestal and smooth from center to edge. Cover of the parties and 
  anti-aliased in the corner (Photo 1).
- Folding the cloth material at the corner angle and cut the rest (Photo 2).
Apply glue to the edge of one side; wait for 2-3 minutes, then press cloth material along 
  the edge (Photo 3). Make sure to do the same with other two sides. 
  Do not put glue on the inside of cloth material.

(Photo 1, 2, 3)
- Cut the velvet at all edges and the folds in 
   (make sure you do the same for great ornate velvet box of nails).
Cut a square velvet to be installed, and stick just outside the velvet hat. Cut the edge with 
   a knife.
Press the cap into the nail fungus with copy my pattern or patterns according to your design. 
  Use the tip of the nail using hammer on the outside corner to the inside lid of cardboard 
  and do not hit it.
- You just finish your first ornate velvet box of nails.

Fur-lined box of birds

To make fur-lined box of birds, the material you need is a wooden box of cigars, 
25-30 grams of breast feathers of birds, all-purpose glue, brush, five round silver buttons
Follow these instructions :
Apply glue to the narrow path of fluid from the underside. Follow the instructions on 
  the manufacture of velvet box above. Do not apply glue to a large area, 
  because the glue will dry before you have time to set up bird feathers.
Arrange bird feathers on a narrow field, given by the glue. Arrange the feathers of birds in 
  the same direction, with the location at the top of each other.
Put the bird feathers on the top the same way, starting from the corners to the Center. 
  Let the base was closed, because this section is not visible.
Screw the round button in the dialog box based on four corners and the center 
  of the front cover.
- You just finish the Fur-lined box of birds.

To make this box, you need 25-30 grams of the chest feathers of birds.
With a pair of scissors cut the hair to remove the soft hair.

Apply glue and assemble the feathers on the box every time on one small area.
Put hair on top of each other and spread from the middle of the top box, on the edge of the base.

Plug the four buttons in the top corner and the middle of the front cover.
Legs and handles the ball-shaped lid of this box, but you can use the form.
Knop easily screwed by hand into the soft wood.