Box Sculpture Wall

A good way to take advantage of a gift box stuffed in your closet shelf or develop your creativity is to create a box sculpture wall . Grouping box in this way allows the creation of unlimited free-shaped sculpture, which will add to the colorful atmosphere in a modern room. Various sizes of boxes can be used in these creations. Starting from a matchbox to a large gift box. Boxes arranged upside down on top of each other at 1.3 cm thick wooden board. Board measures 60 x 90 cm, but can be chosen according to the size you want. However, maintaining the balance of the composition by arranging the big boxes in a vast place, and a small box placed on narrow place.

Materials needed :
plywood or cardboard paper
various kinds of box and lid
spray paint of various colors
- glue

follow the instructions :
Prepare a box with a variety of ways over the place of installation to get 
  the design you like. Some boxes can be mutually superimposed.
Plan a color pattern and label each box with the first letter of the colors for 
  painted on its surface.
- Make a chart in order to benchmark your work.
Spray the foundation board with white paint or whatever color you think will 
  provide a fascinating background to the color box.
spray the outside of all boxes with paint and let it dry.
put glue on the edge of the box that will form the first layer and press on the 
attach another box on top of the first box. The Box sculputure wall 
  will be more interesting if some of the boxes attached to each 
  other only partially.

                    put glue on the edge of the box, pay attention not to leave traces of 
                                          glue out of the box if you intend to make art
                        Press box in place of the installation, note that only part of the trip in 
                       the box below. Use imaginative groupings, and avoid setting too symmetrical
                               This abstract wall hangings made of different kinds of box and lid.