Several Kinds of Useful Plants in Wetlands

Useful Plants in Wetlands

Wetlands plants are plants that live in the land that is flooded.
- Wetlands plants, source of food and medicine, and protect the environment    
  from dangers of flooding, water pollution, erosion, etc.
Wetland is a place where aquatic plants live and reproduce.

Several Kinds of Useful Plants in Wetlands

Jeruju (Holly / Acanthus illicifolius)
This plant usually grows in mangrove forest area. It spread from India to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Jeruju roots used as medicine and wound healing abdominal pain. Jeruju seeds used as a blood cleanser that broke out in boils and as de-worming for children.

Purun (Lepironia articulata)
Except in Indonesia, this plant is also found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Purun can be woven for hats, mats and wrapper tobacco and other goods.

Sambang (Lasia spinosa)
Sambang is a wild plant that grows in swamps, rivers, ponds, ditches and rice fields are no longer cultivated. Spread over Kalimantan, Sumatra and Java. Boiled roots are used as medicine for postpartum women and treatment for heartburn. Sambang leaves are rolled, it is used as external medicine for stomach pains, joints and bones. Boiled leaves can be eaten with rice with spicy taste.

Rumput Payung (Cyperus papyrus)
These plants usually found in swampy marsh African continent. Stems can be woven into mats, rope, and hats. Due to the unique shape, often planted in a pond in front of  House as an ornamental plant. Rumput Payung is basic material for manufacture of the first paper in Egypt.

Bogem (Sonneratia caseolaris)
Bogem is one of 40 tree species in Indonesia that are resistant to sea water. Bogem found in mangroves and tidal rivers. Spreads in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Polynesia. Roots are often used as a substitute soft cork, leaves and fruit can be eaten or cooked with fish,seeds are used as fish poison, juice from the seeds can be used to protect the luck of rainwater on paper umbrella, In Ternate, sap is used on the skin to kill parasites that cause disease, ash of the seed with other herbs used to cure heartburn.

Genjer (Limnocharis flava)
Genjer is found in convulsions, small rivers, ditches and sewers, is a native plant from Tropical America. Spread to Southeast Asia via the Bogor Botanical Gardens.In West Java, young leaves and flowers is often sold in the market.

Tunjung (Nymphaea lotus)
Plant life in ponds, small rivers, and flower sacred for Hindus. These plants originated from Egypt, but for other types found in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Beautiful water plants are usually grown for decorative pond, can be used for stomach medicine for animals, it's seed wheat flour substitute for bread, eaten as a vegetable.

Padi-padian (Oryza barthii)
Is one of the wild rice species that live in wetlands. For example rice resistant to pests and diseases and can live in brackish water areas. Rice is the staple food while most of the world's population, are the result of crossing various species of wild rice.